About Psychotherapy

What is a Therapeutic Relationship?

Since therapy involves disclosing personal aspects of your life and entrusting me, the therapist, with intimate information, the relationship between patient and therapist becomes important in ways that are very different when compared to other relationships between clients and professionals. Although it is sometimes hard to talk about difficult or disturbing emotions, people willing to work in close partnership with their therapist often find relief from their emotional distress and begin to lead more productive lives. You should find that therapy is always a collaborative experience and has the following aspects:

Therapist’s empathy, understanding and acceptance of your situation

Consistent interest no matter how disturbing the subject
Suspension of moral judgment

Reliability of therapist in keeping appointments, the duration of the session and putting the patient's welfare first.

Your opportunity to speak the unspeakable

Confidentiality; Information regarding services provided by S Fenella Das Gupta is not released to anyone unless there is a signed Release of Information form on file  which details the specific purpose and management of the information to be disclosed



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