About Psychotherapy


Please feel free to ask enough questions to be able to make an informed decision about whether you feel we could work well. Here are some general policy questions and answers:

Q1. How long is the therapy session?
….The therapeutic hour is 50 minutes in length.

Q2. How often should I see you?
…… Most often, people find that therapy once a week is beneficial. However, during stressful times, therapy may be increased.

Q3. Do you have a sliding scale? / Do you accept insurance?
…..Yes, as part of my ethical commitment to the profession, I have a sliding scale fee. Please feel free to inquire. Currently, referrals from CPS and the Victim Witness Assistance Program are accepted. Some insurance may be considered.

Q4. If I have to miss an appointment, will I be billed?
........ For the best therapeutic outcome, it is important that you attend your scheduled appointments. Since scheduling an appointment involves the reservation of time specifically for you, if you need to cancel an appointment, please give a minimum of a week’s notice. If I can reschedule you during the week that you cancelled, you will not be charged. With respect to missed sessions without notice, unless I agree differently, the full fee may be charged.

Q5. Do you believe that it is okay to touch your clients or be intimate with them?
……..No. Although some therapists are trained in therapeutic touch, I shall NOT be engaging in this type of treatment.

Q6. Are you reachable in  a crisis?
……..Generally I return all my calls within 24 hours. If a crisis situation occurs, please leave me a message and follow the prompt on my voicemail. On occasions where I am out of town, I will have professional collegue covering for me who will be able to respond to emergencies.


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